AGRISHARES - Online Marketplace for Sharing Agricultural Machinery and Services

With the prices high and growing, owing agricultural equipment becomes a luxury. Farmers tie up a lot of capital into machinery (up to 30%) while it gets used for 1-5% of time – 300-400 h/year for tractors, 200 h/year combines, many equipment even less than 100h/year. Additional issue is that the ownership costs are very high – it is because the AGE is the main depreciation factor of the machinery, while amount of usage relates to Repair & Maintenance expenses. For many farmers incomes cannot justify these type of investments so they are already considering options beyond the traditional method of purchasing equipment for obtaining machinery services. Through our services farmers won't need to buy what they can rent from others.

AGRISHARES’ mission is to build a collaborative consumption marketplace (or ‘sharing economy’) in agriculture. It is a socio-economic system built around the sharing of goods and services by different people and organisations. One of the collaborative consumption guiding principles is that ‘unused value is wasted value’. When goods are shared, the value of those goods may increase, for the business, for individuals, and for the community. Our focus is on agricultural machinery, equipment and services.

AGRISHARES matches renters’ needs and owners’ spare assets and resources though a simple mechanism. It is not limited only to physical assets or machinery, it can be also a service, or a pure resource. AGRISHARES will increase the usage and exploitation of existing agricultural machinery, equipment and other resources. The main goal is to optimise efficiency and reduce costs for both sides – owners and renters.

Local agriculture has so far been hugely missing out on this approach and the potential of new social technologies.


The team of AGRISHARES project was established in 2014, as the initiative of lifelong friends to work together and solve challenging problems. Each member brings a diverse expertise and experience to the team, gathered through graduate programs and participation in European projects.

This project is funded by FRACTALS (Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications, FP7 project No. 632874), under the funding framework of the European Commission. The project officially started on June 1st, 2015.


BORIS PETRENJ, Milan - Italy

Project Leader

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management, MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

MILUTIN NIKOLIĆ, Novi Sad - Serbia

Senior Developer

PhD in Robotics, MSc in Robotics.

ANA MILICIĆ, Lausanne - Switzerland

Senior Developer

PhD in Applied Computing, MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

MILOŠ OBRADOVIĆ, Novi Sad - Serbia

Administration Business

MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSc in Engineering Management.

MARKO NEDELJKOV, Novi Sad - Serbia

Expert in Agriculture

MSc in Agronomy, 10 years work experience.